Because each local market is unique, no “ideal” model to optimize strategic service lines exists for hospitals to follow. There is no more rigorous or accurate benchmarking resource for provider compensation planning. Service Line Management (SLM) has been used by many hospitals in different ways, but many hospitals struggle to realize the potential benefit that SLM offers. One key factor that should be the basis to strategic planning in healthcare organizations is the organization of the institution. 2. By using a strategic management framework informed by the healthcare industry’s evolving economy, you can stay on top of the latest strategic planning best practices in hospital management. Strategic planning drives a successful project … These questions can help bring a greater understanding to how likely a hospital service line is to succeed. In addition to understanding the internal strategic direction, a successful service … – HF, Structural Heart! 1. Separation of the functions of a CV service line from those of the remainder of the health care system comes with responsibility for the service line. Physician Alignment & Network Development, Ambulatory & Service Line Performance Improvement, Pediatric Subspecialty Physician and APP Compensation Survey, Faculty Physician and APP Compensation Survey, Medical Group Cost and Infrastructure Survey, Risk-Based Contracting and Physician Compensation Survey, Physician Benefits and Perquisites Survey, Behavioral Health Strategy and Crisis Center Development, Hospital Inpatient Unit Planning: Preparing for an Uncertain Future, Focusing the Performance Improvement Lens: Positioning Process Improvement Projects for Success, Digital Health Will Reshape Patient Engagement, Care Delivery, and Payment Models, Health System Scale Is Irrelevant without Performance, Understanding the Impact of the CMS 2017 ASC Payment Rule on Spine Procedures, Three Ways Technology Is Transforming Behavioral Healthcare Delivery. Identify its core service lines of orthopedics, cardiology, pediatrics and general surgery Brentwood, TN 37027. Examples of strategic output! The strategic plans also outline how HHS strategies support the health and wellbeing of local communities. Align your expansion with strategic plans. From strategic planning through service line re-engineering to new program implementation, physician practice and alignment, and everything in between, Corazon offers a full continuum of niched consulting services that can address any program need within the cardiovascular, neuroscience, and … Through analysis with a tool like the Insights Business Planner, you can define sub-service lines and even procedures that fall under the service line at your hospital. Building on our 2011‐2015 plan, this plan reflects the rapidly changing healthcare environment and the health system’s strategies to achieve our vision of “Improving the Health of Our Community.” We've also directed service line performance improvement initiatives, including workflow redesign, revenue cycle management, and IT system optimization. Four Areas to Incorporate in Your Hospital Service Line Strategic Planning. Rose Dominican Hospitals (DH-SRDH) engaged ECG as an advisory partner to support ongoing efforts to identify, evaluate, and design care workflows for behavioral, In the process of addressing operational issues, ECG enabled Easterseals Northern California (ESNorCal), then known as Easterseals Bay Area, to transform its process improvement. Develop Strategic Options. This engagement determined strategic imperatives to help the hospital thrive as a stand-alone hospital, grow medical and surgical services, strengthen physician alignment and increase market share. From there, you can go as in-depth as you’d like with campaign planning, even to the procedure-level to determine where hot spots exist in a specific geography. The importance of strategic planning in healthcare should not go unnoticed by any hospital or health system looking to succeed not only in the short run, but long term as well. • Become more deeply subspecialized! The Challenge The Affordable Care Act and industry-wide pressures to cut costs have accelerated the need for hospitals to assess the strength of their service … The checklist below shows how each of the strategic questions posed above relate to the three overarching strategies. Process Veralon conducted a thorough assessment of the orthopedic surgery department through a comprehensive interview process, and review of financial and operational data. The same goes with the usage of a hospital strategic plan. Look at your role in this future. © 2020 ECG Management Consultants. More than a year in the making, with broad community input, the Memorial Hospital 2017-2019 Strategic Plan supports that common vision and reflects key priorities set forth by MaineHealth and also reflects local health care needs and priorities. This then becomes a chief concern of strategic planning efforts, as regardless of hospital size or scope, Corazon believes that a clear, well-thought-out plan for the development of neurosciences is an absolute necessity. UC Davis Health 2017-2020 Strategic Plan 5 Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences n Expand primary care psychiatry education program from a statewide to a national program n Develop a telepsychiatry program and use newer technologies (smart phone, screening instruments, etc.) Choosing the right service lines to emphasize requires a superior understanding of a hospital’s economics and competitive environment. Our service line planning engagements often include: We have received your request and will be in touch shortly. As the conventional hospital’s role evolves, leaders are faced with the unique and exciting challenge of reimagining the position of their facility within a shifting landscape. The Orthopedic Specialty Hospital is the first operating division of the (XMC). All rights reserved. for selected clinic patients who must travel long distance for clinical services to use in lieu of face-to-face Redefine value, drive excellence, and keep market share in your cardiovascular service lineNew approaches to payment, more educated consumers, mandatory outcomes reporting, competition from outpatient settings, and payers’ focus on greater value are rapidly changing the market dynamics for cardiovascular services. The foundation of Main Line Health’s strategic direction is to provide the safest and highest quality care to all those who come through our doors and those who utilize our community health services. D: 5 Oct 04 SROA Pres™n A rvina G 2 roup, LLC Cancer Program Service Line Planning! • Move from services to programs! h e a l t h c a r e Article at a glance One of the goals was to answer a key question: “How can the hospital increase market share and strengthen its financial performance in a competitive and growing market through its core service lines?” As a result of the update, QHR also worked with the hospital to develop a strategic marketing plan to enhance marketing for each strategic service line. Once the planning is complete and execution begins, we are able to apply the full weight of ECG's strategy, operations, finance, and technology expertise to successfully address any challenges that may surface. Hospital management is hard, but strategic planning in healthcare doesn’t need to be complex or intimidating. • Develop system level clinical protocols for targeted patient types! They are the result of purposeful planning, and these plans must dovetail with the vision, strategic direction, and strengths of the hospital or system. The hospital needed a service line strategic marketing plan to differentiate itself from fierce competition and to grow its core services. This article, the first in a series on service line management, builds upon the concept that service line management in hospitals is similar to brand management in other industries. September 4, 2017; Most healthcare organization today see strategic planning as an imperative. All Rights Reserved. Market analysis. The strategic aim of St. John’s Hospital is to continue to play a vital role in the development and provision of acute hospital services in the Mid-West Region. Nashville Website Design by Landslide Creative, The region’s growing population required enhanced care across the continuum and to communicate quality and value to the public, Being located in a highly competitive market meant that the hospital needed to strengthen and market their core service lines to differentiate the hospital in the marketplace, Nearby tertiary health systems were aggressively competing with this hospital and each other for the county’s affluent and expanding population base, resulting in declining market share, The hospital’s core service lines needed to be visible in the community, The marketing department needed to reach the right target market with the right messages, Assessment of the current state of identified service lines, Action plan for each service line identified strategy, with targeted campaigns and, Dashboards for each service line to track the key performance measures and actions or barriers for ongoing implementation management, Marketing mentorship services for four months to help facilitate the necessary, Targeted campaigns in email, direct mail and social media, Development of a steering team with the COO, physicians and marketing department. A hotel business operational plan can guide the hotel management to know the steps that it need to take in varying circumstances without veering away from the realization of the hotel’s aspirations, objectives, and vision. Focusing on pediatrics as a key service line in its strategic marketing plan, the hospital is meeting community needs and solidifying its position in a competitive marketplace. Each of the 16 Hospital and Health Services (HHS) in Queensland has developed a strategic plan to identify its vision, purpose, objectives and performance indicators. Some of these key challenges included: Finally, the service line strategic marketing plan needed to align with the hospital’s strategic plan, which defined the direction over the next three years based on the Board’s focus areas and priorities. Dignity Health–St. 100 Cambridge St, Suite 2001, Boston, MA 02114, 11512 El Camino Real, Suite 200, San Diego, CA 92130, 275 Battery St, Suite 950, San Francisco, CA 94111, 1111 Third Avenue, Suite 2500, Seattle, WA 98101, 3030 Clarendon Boulevard, Suite 600, Arlington, VA 22201, 13355 Noel Road, Suite 1010, Dallas, TX 75240. • Develop & deploy e-health for outreach expansion! Orthopedic Specialty Hospital Business Plan January 13, 2008 ... HR Strategic Plan IT and the Business Process Knowledge Management System Chapter 8 Financial plan: ... and non-medical services. Behavioral Health Strategic Planning The County of Santa Cruz is a dynamically changing and rapidly growing community, with healthcare needs that have continued to change over time. The Memorial Hospital Strategic Plan serves as a roadmap for every program and service we develop.

hospital service line strategic plan

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