It is a great point toward your thesis that no taking risks is a path that ultimately leads to stagnation, then loss. Will be interested in how you and Wesley think about it if you try them. Ok. Combined with superb customer service and fast shipping, this makes MPB a great choice for buying (and selling!) Thus I decide: NO manual focus only, above 28mm. It is also in a nutshell why those two companies will be left behind in the innovation race. You can get a used Canon 5DS R on MPB starting at $1,440. keep on. Should be incredible. “Feelings of loss of 50MP, could back to it lead you. If I desperately wanted that resolution, which one gives me more advantages? I landed up buying a 24-70/4 IS L, 40/2.8 STM and 70-300L, and carrying these in addition to the manual focus lenses and a Nikon body for backup. As Ming mentioned, great shots in camera ads are rarely seen. Canon is only interested if they can dictate 100% of what you say and write, even if it makes you look like an idiot. The Pentax is superior in all ways except resolution (for which it would be similar). Sadly, what you want doesn’t exist. Cheers, Richard. used gear. But I make decisions which have to be merely compromises. Bottom line: the grass is always greener and all that…. You didn’t comment on EVF! Good question: you’ll see the resolution gain if you’re working off a tripod at base ISO (stability and focus are critical) with the right lenses. Not bad for portraits and shallow depth of field, but it mostly likes f/5.6 and smaller. The Otuses are binary: you either end up with trash, or a masterpiece. If only they actually hire a professional photographer/engineer as the project manager…. Ask yourself: would anybody still visit this site if that was the case? But your lenses are likely to leave something to be desired, and you’ll probably have to go Zeiss Otus – which aren’t AF. And an attractive/pleasant (if technically unremarkable) image viewed at medium red can be produced by almost any camera (and many or even most photogs)….so other things have to be focused on (both literally and figuratively)….like specs and fun subjects…and saving some marketing cash along the way. Files are larger but with no more perceived detail or clarity. Would sport a high end EVF to ensure better focus ability in low light and have super precise AF. The third image from the top puzzles me a bit. Thinking about buying one to use with adapters. But it will come. Yes, but grass is greener and all that. As with the Canon 5D Mark III, the Canon 5DS R features a deep grip which is paired with a sculpted channel for your thumb placement to help keep the camera secure in your hands despite heavy glass. The tone of all the greens appear to be unnaturally similar. Adrian. Wide open there is some variance in performance especially at close distances, though this appears to be a focusing issue rather than an optical one. I saw some sample images for this camera months ago on Canon’s Japanese website and must say that I was not impressed with the level of detail. I can quickly sum things up for you: the Canon … Juan P. Bialade. My Conurus converted Contax N 85/1.4 and 70-200 work well on the 5DsR when I need AF but want to keep the Zeiss microcontrast, colors, and rendering. The ability to move the magnified point quickly in live view, hit 50 or 100%, and return to centre with single button presses – again, not possible on the D810. Oh, and you can tune both ends of the zoom separately – which is impossible on a Nikon. So, in other words, if there is enough light or you can shoot wide open (sharpness all over the frame not being important, or on wide angle lens), so that you can shoot under ISO 400, then it might be easier to recover some highlights and/or shadows with D810 or A7IIR. God, trying to write like Yoda gives me a headache. They are not really about displaying the artistry and skill of some great shooter. Unfortunately, it doesn’t include features a videographer would want, like focus peaking or highlight warnings. More specifically the part “go up the sensitivity range”. It is, but nothing jaw dropping kind of thing. But if any one of those stars fail to align, then you’re going to land up with something slightly soft-looking and just a tad disappointing: as though somebody slipped an AA filter back in the optical chain somewhere”. i would be scared to guess the ratio of cameras (including the ever more capable camera phones) sold per year as vs high res fine art prints. I was thinking of the rear AE Lock (*) Button, which should lock exposure in any metering mode. Use these photography marketing tools to improve ROI for your business in 2021 and beyond. (apart from ratio, etc) . So the Nikon gives you blisters once in a while, but don’t all marriages – even the good ones? Honesty is necessary but apparently very unpopular with the camera companies. Canon lacks Nikon’s new f1.8G primes, but Nikon lacks all of the special purpose stuff and some of the zooms – there is no 17 TSE, for starters. I have that book too – it hasn’t pointed us wrong yet . With these family portrait tips, you'll learn a few strategies for taking much-improved Thanksgiving family portraits. Curious about your views now. Great comment, Richard P; and a excellent read, Ming, as always. The chances of something like that ever being properly executed are nil – the closest you’re likely to get is a CFV back on either the FlexBody or V series; the only problem there is the crop factor and the designed-for-square camera. Maintaining an additional system for vanishingly small returns – and carrying it on assignment or during travel – is another challenge entirely. everyone is looking to cut costs where possible and if the marketing department realizes they can get by using inexpensive/technically questionable shots they just…will. Would it help, to be on Nikon’s or Canon’s payroll? There is the all-rounder Nikon D810, the resolution-champ Canon 5DSR, the tech-heavy Sony A7RII, medium-format-on-a-budget Pentax 645Z and now the Leica SL. (and again Nikon is too ignorant to come up with similar products!!!) I’m now in the position of knowing what I’m missing in every case, and coming to the only sensible conclusion that from an opportunity and ROI maximisation standpoint, the Nikon still remains the sensible choice. The 40 STM was the surprise of the bunch, and very enjoyable to shoot with because of size and image quality. I shoot under conditions that are far enough outside the ‘ideal’ envelope to render the 5DSR too niche a tool to justify itself for my business (and the camera itself has a narrow envelope too), so it had to make way – as much as I love the […], Cut your editing time: custom SOOC JPEG Picture Controls and ACR preset pack for the Nikon Z7 and D850 available here. Excellent, informative, and unbiased review. You’ll fondly look back at the good times once in a while, maybe even with a pang of regret at what might have been. Banding is reduced because are more spatial steps possible for an edge transition, but there’s now some strange color response/tonality instead. The GoPro Hero 8 Black has since been replaced with the Hero 9 Black, but it's still a feature-rich action camera with plenty of mods to make it a great camera for you. But the 5DSR does not have a removed AA filter. Adapted backs for older MF systems work pretty well IF lenses can hold up, and remember you’re going to need something below 35mm for interiors since those sensors are at best 54x40mm. Win a Canon EOS R at We review the Sony a7 III ( vs the Canon EOS R ( Here is a different take on the subject … On the tail of your latest “rethink” article, it always seemed to me that the Canon was a bit like a mistress during a midlife crisis. There definitely is a good reason to get one if you’re heavily entrenched in the Canon system, but it duplicates too much of the Nikon for me and only extends performance under a very limited set of situations – I just don’t encounter those enough to justify it. He’s getting his information from me, and I’m getting it through my own examination of 7RII test files captured under controlled/known conditions and cross-referencing with Lloyd Chambers. […] series was shot with a mix of the Canon 5DSR and 40/2.8 STM Nikon D5500 and Zeiss 1.4/55 Otus, and post processed with Intro to Photoshop […], […] // Garden of Cosmic Speculation. I like most everything else about it. I think I’ll wait until a few reviewers experience the pain first (assuming there’s still a problem). Great review and balanced thoughts as always. Out of the thousands of frames you shot, how many times did you see moire? From the launch locally Canon were claiming to use something supposedly similar with the 5DSR/1DX, but I’m not seeing it. Yes, and thanks you for clarifying Ming. Ming, you give some real interesting explainations here. Should be good stopped down a little. But all the same…yes, I’d like to see a camera that was actually designed by a serious photographer, not a marketing team. In any case, it’s an academic question as such a situation can and will never arise. But there will be fun late night battery charging to do when on multi day travel trips. A long-term review in 2017 perhaps. MT, Equipment in this post is available here from the site’s B&H and Amazon affiliates links – every bit helps! sure thing. If you enjoyed the content, please consider, All images and content copyright Ming Thein 2014+. Check this list of Adorama Black Friday deals, Amazon Black Friday deals, and much more! There IS more dynamic range at the sensor level, but it’s being lost in noise and posterisation. And with shrinking client budgets and increasingly militant airlines, I can only afford to keep and carry one system – I’ve already been forced once to buy another seat last minute at the airport at full price to avoid having to check in my equipment. Medium format: resolution is there, dynamic range is not, color accuracy is not (but it’s pleasing, at least). which still begs the question: if getting better shots for promo could be so easy (find a skilled shooter and give them free gear) why is it not done more consistently? Great review and detailed explanation. Thom Hogan assiduously covers the Nikon beat over at his blog and has been very critical of Nikon’s quality control and customer service in the US. And none of the brand principals are interested in giving you a loaner unless you are willing to prostitute your ethics to swear on your eternal soul that theirs is the best product ever. The ability to employ Zeiss optics and share them with µ4:3 bodies is extra gravy. It has a cancelling filter (basically, it’s a D800e, not a D810). (Master Yoda Dixit). It’s still just a small niche. Framed print poll:, I think part of the reason for none for most people is a) access to good printers and b) once you decide to print, that’s a level of commitment to an image that most people simply do not have – deciding what to print is actually a very good way of curating , I guess it must be people like me keeping the printers in business – I probably made close to a thousand prints last year…. I was initially going to do a comparison between the D810, E-M5II in high resolution mode, and 5DSR – I don’t think there’s a lot of point, because they all each have some fundamental weaknesses, and some strengths – what is ‘ideal’ depends very much on your own needs. I’m not sure why that is…. Canon released two new full frame cameras, the 5DS and 5DSR, in the last half of 2015. Thanks to Mher Hakobyan Cinematography for the video. Hmmm…that does not make any sense – the removed AA filter will always be sharper; the AA filter is effectively blurring things. I can’t see how the 5DS would be sharper since the 5DSR is already pretty close to the best pixel-level acuity we can get from a Bayer sensor; I suspect incorrect sharpening may play a part though. Hi Ming …. And let’s just say it’s rather large, and 100% live view also means finishing at least three batteries a day. BTW, Excellent review and analysis. I have a question for you: is it true that you can upsize D810 files to 50mp and obtain at least the same level of detail and resolution as 5DsR, if not better? I placed the camera on a tripod in the dead of night, pointed it at a famous hotel in Dubai and took the shot with the timer (this camera is notorious for all sorts of image-blur problems though I am not entirely sold on the “shutter shock” theory that has made its way around the net (equally, I am not denying that there is a problem – perhaps the latest version has solved it???). Always look forward. In my case this starts with this crazy Photoshop subscription-mode. The 5DSR has the highest resolution but visibly less distance is in critically sharp focus because the increased resolution also differentiates planes of critical focus more distinctly. If you go between M, Av, and Tv, you are going to have to deal with the inconsistency for one of the modes! If you’re looking for something – might I suggest a search? Did you ever find this to be an issue? It does fine stopped down a bit and with the benefits of software correction. I hadn’t tested the 5DSR at the time. Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Review | Photographer Dustin Abbott shares his long term review of the Canon 5D Mark IV after using it extensively for two … A interesting post, enjoyed reading it, as always. […], […] Source: Long term review: Canon 5DSR […], […] entirely. There’s a lot to like about the 5DSR, even relative to the competing Nikon flagship D810: But there were things that I didn’t get along with, too: By far my biggest headache with the camera was that it tended to be a ‘fair weather friend’: under ideal circumstances, on a tripod, or in very good light, with critical focus obtained with the very best lenses, the files are pretty incredible. I don’t see anything wrong with that – best tool for the job. Is there is thing you would like to know about this … Very cinematic with lovely blue tones. It’s the sort of lens that makes me want to go out and shoot. Perhaps it was the photographers the organizers hired. Well, after a few weeks of shooting and testing, I can honestly testify that it is not a huge difference when compared with what I can recover in post processing from a “correct” 5D Mark III (or 6D) exposure. At 50.6 Megapixels, it's the highest resolution sensor in the history of EOS. Striving for perfection and having fun are not always friends. i’ve heard plenty of this…and marketing certainly does happen in all scenarios. Great, thorough review of the camera! Not today though. So at this point I’ll throw my hands up and agree with you. Since I have a lot of MF lenses, the LV implementation is so much better in the Canon. All I wanted to say is that the long held dear argument of Nikon (and Sony) fans claiming superiority over Canon sensors of a wider dynamic range is rather a minor aspect, when we look at the complete and greater scheme of things. Like I said my fingers have been trained to go the Canon way automatically: to me the Nikons sometimes feel backwards. I give up something at the extremes of the performance envelope, but under those conditions I can probably stitch to close the gap. Probably my most frequently received question of the last few months…. The things is, with OVF you see what the naked eye sees, but not what you will get. you also run into something which is central to much of photography: how much of the response to an image is due to the subject of the photo (an attractive and/or famous woman for example) /stunning tourist-y vista at magic hour vs the skill, talent of the shooter OR the brand/type of camera. Either way, I like to recommend MPB as the go-to for used cameras because they have a detailed and reliable system for rating their gear. I am a fashion photographer working with the Pentax 645Z and Phase One IQ250, and hope for a smaller, lighter, and cheaper DSLR that has comparable image quality. I suspect that size has a lot to do with it – there is such a thing as too small…especially when the lenses do not (and cannot) shrink to match.

canon 5dsr long term review

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