It will work well for the homeowner with wide or high hedges or bushes. to give you my top recommendations. Another great Bosch product is this Isio Cordless Shrub and Garden Shear Set which is a great option for those of you who can’t face messing around with cords (or in fact, extension cables). While hedge trimmers aren’t particularly heavy, often in the 6- to 12-pound range, you may have to lift them above your shoulders or even above your head to reach the top of a hedge, so you need to consider your upper body strength. The average hedge trimmer is designed for the average hedge, considered to be about 5 feet high and 5 feet wide. Whether you want the grass shear, shrub shear or even a sprayer (which is sold separately), you can be sure that the Bosch Isio will make the job as easy as possible. It will get the job done right. Electric hedge trimmers are usually lightweight and can be very powerful. A single action blade trimmer is made up of one moving blade which cuts against a stationary blade. Their overall robust design increases service life and prepares the hedge trimmers for tough commercial work. If you’d like details on any model, click on the links in the table or read our reviews below. You need to determine the teeth spacing that will be effective for your hedges, but keep in mind that wider spacing between teeth will leave a rugged, rougher cut, while narrow spacing will result in finer cuts and finishes. If you are looking for the best hedge trimmer on the market, look no further than the Bosch AHS 70-34 Electric Hedge Cutter. GTech Cordless Hedge Trimmer. In return, you’ll be able to get your job done much quicker and you’ll still have plenty of energy after the job has concluded. Brush as much off as you can, especially in between the blades which is where build up is usually the worst. Branches up to 34 mm thick are cleanly sliced effortlessly. Surprisingly for us, we don’t have any gripes with this product. The 45cm diamond ground blade with a 16mm tooth opening provide a clean, precise cut making your hedge looks even neater, and it comes with a protective blade cover for when you’re not using it. Within that guideline, the wider the gap, the larger branch the trimmer will cut, and the more quickly and efficiently the unit will cut smaller branches. In this guide we’ll take a look at the best hedge trimmers for the UK market. The third generation hedge trimmer from GTech. Thicker grass will not cause the Isio to stop or block. Hedges can act as boundaries or they can be used for decoration. Overall Assessment Its disadvantage is that it does not produce fine cuts and it releases a lot of vibrations. And cordless models make good light-duty or touch-up tools. Hedge trimmers throw debris and make lots of noise. You should look out for specific safety measures installed on the machine to make it safer to use. I will only ever promote the products and services that I trust and 100% recommend. It is designed with a 45 – 90° articulating powerhead so that it will be easy for you to cut and shape hedges as well as bushes. When the green light begins to flash, you have 20% battery left and when the indicator turns red, the Isio requires charging. The Flymo Sabrecut xt cordless telescopic hedge cutter comes with 20V lithium-ion battery enabling it to function in the same manner as the petrol or corded trimmers. 700 Watt Motor If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. For occasional use, we recommend our 100 series hedge trimmer range. Put the trimmer on the ground and use your hands to pull out branches or leaves. Leyland Cypress hedges – Faster growing so trim up to three times a year in April, July and late August. Regularly cleaning your blades is the best way to ensure your hedge trimmer lives a long and happy life. Well the adjustable handle extends up to 50cm meaning you don’t have to risk your life up a ladder. Gas-powered hedge trimmers offer complete portability without the limitation of finishing the chore under the deadline of a battery charge. 7 ... We awarded this product Best Buy status as we judged it to be the best cordless hedge trimmer we tried. Hedge trimmers come complete with single or double-sided blades, which can be either single or dual-action. With an 18mm blade gap, this is suitable for large and small branches. Electric trimmers with cords give the best combination of cutting power, ease of handling and economy. It is possible for you to extend and lock the shaft into position, with the maximum length. You will be able to rely on rechargeable batteries. The perfect choice for those with small to medium hedges is the Bosch AHS 45-16 Electric Hedge Cutter which, we can assure you, sounds more intimidating than it actually is. Choosing the best hedge trimmer for you however, can be tricky, and will require some thought. Just Garden Tools - 2019 All right reserved. Maintain the sharpening angle which will be given in the manual. This hedge trimmer gives good cutting performance in a lightweight, well-balanced, long-bladed trimmer with the convenience of a plug-in unit. Their two-cycle gas engines provide plenty of cutting power, but those two-cycle engines also pollute the environment, generate lots of noise and require that you mix oil and fuel. Again, our only gripe is that the cable is slightly too short (this seems to be a recurring theme). They start easily and don’t pollute the environment. What is your budget? It’s a 25cc and 2-stroke engine is ideal for you if you’re looking for a trimmer with a very powerful engine. Yew hedges – Once a year in August or September. You can purchase it as a stand-alone model or, if you need a little extra length, with a safety adapter. It’s effective, ultra lightweight and has a good reach. Some things you can look out for are; automatic braking, used to stop the blades in case something gets jammed onto the teeth. Review & Comparison, Last ... the Mcculloch HT5622 hedge trimmer is by far the best choice for extensive trimming tasks. That’s to keep your fingers safe from fitting between those teeth. Laurel hedges – Cut in either July and August. If you find yourself getting sore or tired, take a break and come back to it later. The HTK-75’s come with really long cutting blades helping you to speed up your job which in turn helps to pay back your investment in them. Cordless trimmers offer portability and can actually cost more, yet they provide less power. Comfort is another factor. How thick are the branches of your hedge or bushes? The Ryobi RPT4545M Trimmer is simply the best hedge trimmer you can buy today, offering comfortable cutting, a powerful motor, and excellent adaptability. The Gtech HT30 is an extendable cordless hedge trimmer that will get your trimming jobs done with so much ease. Recharge time may be as much as 24 hours on some models. A double action blade trimmer has both of its teeth cutting against each other in opposite directions. If you have ever cleared these rugged edges using a manual handheld trimmer, you must bear witness that all the fatigue, itchy arms, and straining would rather be avoided using a powered hedge trimmer that can help you keep the bushes under control and neatly trimmed while saving you time and effort. They can look ragged and untidy if the hedge trimmer doesn't cut cleanly and neatly. And gas models, which are the most powerful of the three types, can cost several hundred dollars. Is the handle comfortable? Hedges are the first things you see when you look outside your window or if people come home. The rotating rear handle also means it’s easy to switch up the position if you get tired. These models are most efficient for cutting hedges up to about chest height because they are heavier than single-action trimmers. It is lightweight and the in-line body is easy to handle. Remember, cordless models work well for small, light jobs, but if you need real portable cutting power, you should shop for a gas model that you can use anywhere for extended amounts of time. Cordless hedge trimmers offer the convenience of portability and light maintenance. We recommend trimmers that have the motor at the base, you’ll find it more comfortable and easier to balance. Are you looking for the best cordless hedge trimmer in the UK, we recommend the Bosch AHS 50-20 LI which happens to be our top pick. This prevents injury and destruction. The central handle position also ensures both safety and comfort. What and how much do you plan to trim? More homeowners choose corded electric hedge trimmers rather than cordless or gas models. This specific head trimmer is equipped with a 450 watt motor. ... EH7500W 22.2CC petrol hedge trimmer, ... A practically professional hedge trimmer at a great price. The thickness of the branches will partly dictate the size of the blade gap that you will you need in order to cut the branches. … Some high-end models, however, are priced up to £150 or more. They’re relatively lightweight and inexpensive. A 45cm cutting blade powerful 600W engine that produces some seriously quick cutting speeds at 4050 cuts per minute. You can guarantee that it’ll have little to no trouble slicing through through branches up to 30mm thick. This unique is equipped with a 700 watt motor. If you own a well-maintained hedge with thin branches, you might require only light trimming tasks and slight leveling. For the inexperienced hedge trimmer, this may feel slightly overwhelming. I’ve compared design, performance, build quality and cost Lightweight ensures that you’ll have little to no trouble lugging it around. Hedge trimmer blades pick up a huge amount of residue when they are used which can get jammed between the blades. In the number 1 spot for the best hedge trimmer is this Bosch AHS 70-34 Electric Hedge Cutter. It’s comfortable in any position, meaning you can easily switch around if you start to get a little sore. Corded electric hedge trimmers are the least expensive of the three types, with some models selling for less than £50. If you are sick of dealing with gasoline or the cord, you should definitely invest in this mode. Cordless models work well for small jobs and touch-ups, but they can’t match the cutting performance of an electric or gas trimmer. Conifers are faster growing and will need to be trimmed more frequently – always before the end of August. Thanks to the powerful motor, you’ll never have to worry about the unit getting bogged down when cutting branches. They measure 21 inches in length, so they’re shorter than most other shears, but their blades measure almost 7 inches of that. This battery-operated machine is powered by an 18V lithium-ion battery for a guaranteed runtime of 40 minutes. For the best cordless hedge trimmer on a budget, look no further than the Flymo EasiCut 460! Weighing under 5kg and coming with a compact design, it’s great for regular maintenance of hedges that aren’t too tall or wide. It’s ideal for smaller sized hedges, cutting through small and medium sized branches with ease. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you’ve got extra money to spend, the DeWalt will prove to be well worth checking out. Begin cutting at the bottom of the hedge and work your way up. Like the Bosch, this product requires two buttons to be pushed for it to work, and it also comes with a protective safety cover. This well-built tool has a powerful and yet fuel-efficient 4-stroke 25.4 cc engine. Cordless hedge trimmers give you slightly more freedom to move around your garden, though they often cost more than their electric counterparts. Still, you cannot beat this hedge trimmer. Similarly, if you are buying something for larger hedges, it’ll likely be a bit heavier. If you have a larger hedge, you’ll need something slightly sturdier and more powerful, although bear in mind this’ll also mean heavier. Overall Assessment If you trim hedges as an occupation or at professional levels, the double action blade trimmer is also highly recommended since it is more powerful and it results in clear cut finishes. Instead, make several shallower cuts to ensure you end up with a hedge you’re happy with! Read the full review: Mitox 600DX hedge trimmer review. The 70cm laser-cut, diamond ground blade with a 34mm tooth opening boasts sheer power, enough to tackle large hedges and stubborn branches with ease. Laser-cut, diamond-ground blades with 34 mm tooth spacing. If you need slightly more freedom and don’t mind regular charging, the best hedge trimmer for you will likely be cordless model. Purchasing this particular Bosch cordless hedge trimmer requires choosing from a variety of options. Charging the Bosch Isio is a doddle for even the most dedicated technophobes. We recommend buying from a reputable brand if you’re in need of something powerful. The multi-click system means that switching between applications is easy. Make sure you move the cutting bar in a slow, steady pace and let the blades do the work for you. The Flymo SabreCut XT is the best professional hedge trimmer UK. 6. Long blades obviously lengthen the reach of a trimmer, but they also add weight. Don’t cut too much of the hedge in one go. Its lightweight size means you’re unlikely to be punished with arm or back aches and pains. At the end of the day, the DeWalt DCM563PB-XJ Hedge Trimmer is amazing. Choose the best hedge trimmer for small hedges. The soft grip handles are very good addition and a see through hand guard ensures a safe working position with less effort in use. We haven’t found this budget product compromises on durability either. For those of you with larger hedges, this is an absolute must have! Once you get into the swing of it, we think you’ll find using this hedge trimmer a total breeze. The only slight gripe we have with this Bosch hedge trimmer (and it’s a very slight gripe), is the length of cable. These hedge trimmers will be good for professional gardeners or people, having a big garden. If you own a well-maintained hedge with thin branches, you might require only light trimming tasks and slight leveling. If so, you’ll definitely want to invest in the Flymo EasiCut. If the debris has hardened and stuck to the blades, you will need to use soap and water. The unit you choose has to be comfortable in your hands. A good hedge trimmer is a modern-day miracle. It should be slightly narrower at the top and wider at the bottom to help the entire hedge get sunlight.

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