The Crocker extends reciprocal admission to applicable members of institutions beyond a 15-mile radius of the Museum. Odessa members at the Contributor level and above can enjoy free admission to 800 member institutions around the country. So do you. Patron $400. All benefits listed under Family Membership + reciprocal benefits at more than 1,000 participating North American Reciprocal Museum (NARM) Association® arts, cultural, and historical institutions along with botanical gardens, children’s museums, science and technology centers beyond a … Benefits for all members: Member Tuesdays — Member benefits for one adult; DUAL - $75. ($535 is tax deductible) JOIN NOW RENEW NOW. Membership for two (2) adults and their dependents under 18 years of age Free admission to over 1,100 participating institutions in the North America (NARM) $100 All member institutions of NARM may implement reciprocal museum policies as they choose. Complimentary PEM exhibition Catalog. 1 Household. Please email us for details about your level. Individual . Invitation to purchase two additional tickets for Member Opening Receptions (four total) Reciprocal benefits at over 1,000 museums through North American Reciprocal Museums Association. Contributor. The Ringling offers reciprocal membership privileges to over 1000 institutions in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Opportunities for travel through the Museum Travel Alliance. Show your digital membership card with NARM logo at participating museums to receive your benefits. Join online, in person at Member Services during your next visit or call us at (513) 287-7041. Reciprocal zoo and museum memberships mean that you have purchased a membership to a zoo or museum that belongs to one (or more) of four associations that serve these destinations: AZA, ASTC, ACM, or NARM. Are memberships tax-deductible? Southeastern Reciprocal Membership Program (SERM) — Travelers who spend a lot of time in the southeast part of the country might like this program, which includes tons of museums in one specific region. Historic Odessa is a member of the North American Reciprocal Museum (NARM) Association, one of the largest reciprocal membership organizations in the world. *Hillwood is a reciprocal member of NARM, ROAM and AHS. Member benefits for two adults; FAMILY - $100. 1 Household. However, NARM tends to be a much better alternative to this one. Learn more at Ideas belong here. We participate in the NARM, MARP, ROAM and SERM reciprocal programs. Complimentary Hillwood Publication. Become a member today! For more information about NARM, click here Join, renew, or upgrade today and support the Museum’s efforts to be a presenter of beauty and ideas, a repository for creative artifacts and a place of learning. *NARM is a wonderful way to experience institutions in other regions and cities. 4 additional guest passes per year (10 total) Reserved private docent-led tour. Membership for two adults and children or grandchildren under 18; Reciprocal membership to over 1,150 institutions through North American Reciprocal Museums (NARM) Discounted adult and children's education classes; CONTRIBUTING - $250. Access to the Art Museum Reciprocal network, encompassing 20 additional art museums. You can also give a membership as a gift! 1 Adult. 15% discount in the Museum Shop. Yes, a portion of your membership is tax-deductible. All Patron benefits plus: 2 more Complimentary member for a day passes (6 total). Family . All Sponsor benefits plus: 4 Complimentary member for a day passes.
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