But as long as i keep up the routine it will hopefully give me permanent bigger breast…my wife is really into my breast…and i always wanted them bigger…she has been helping me find bra’s and is totally into me having bigger breast…roleplay awesome…thanks alot…pills or ground fenugreek i ordered 5 pounds of ground fenugreek and have saw palmetto…can’t find the creme…i am not gonna give up we both want this…thanks alot…. Hello, I have been taking 3 fenugreek capsules and 3 saw palmetto capsules twice daily for a week. A dear friend of mine calls himself Amber and ever since he was young, he wanted to be a woman, to feel like a woman and of course, to have breasts like a woman. Thanks. For a woman, it takes about five weeks to get a good result. Hi sahar, Well i am pretty young and i really do not want to consume fenugreek or saw palmetto so, I was wondering if I mix fenugreek powder with saw palmetto berry powder and add olive oil and massage it on my breasts instead of consuming it, will it still give me the same results… and will I increase at least 1 cup size. Fenugreek is undoubtedly the most commonly herbal galactogogue, in other words, an herbal remedy which increases breast milk flow in nursing mothers, you can read more here: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4585338/ . I will report back on the results and hope to get B cup. I am currently A cup. For fenugreek, less than five, and for saw palmetto, don’t exceed two. Jim, Sahar, I have changed by intake, I am now taking 10 capsule’s 620 mg each of fenugreek twice a day (solaray) & 10 capsule’s of 150 mg each of pueraria mirifica Twice a day (nature’s answer) I guess I am wondering if this is OK….you have always been good to me, That is why I am asking Kisses Bobbie. Can saw palmetto cause a little bloody staining in a post menopausal woman? I just wanted to say that I have been using fenugreek and saw palmetto for about 1.5 months and have seen my boobs get denser and firmer and more like female breasts. Whatever the form, treatment should not exceed three months. Yes, David, this seems correct, but to really get the best results, try to take at least 8 capsules a day and two saw palmetto ones. Massage the breasts with this oil just before sleeping, to better stimulate the blood in the breasts. Saw Palmetto’s Side Effects on Breast Enlargement. Here, I will have no prejudice and no intentions to harm you; I have been helping both men and women increase their breast size since 2013 when I started this blog, and my aim from the very first start was to share with men and women what I have learned that helped me increase my breast size naturally, without surgery and cheaply as well. My wife understands that and we play like children. The oil has a pungent, bitter, and somewhat woody smell, and is also quite versatile. I take 6000 mils of fenugreek and 2000 mils of saw Palmetto! My goals here are perhaps a little different than most. I’m using your program of 6 fenugreek capsules and 2 saw palmentto x2. You can find fenugreek capsules in any health food stores. I find it difficult to believe since these seeds are known to be imported from India, anyway, just get ground fenugreek seeds alone, it’s more than enough. saw palmetto can be used to increase breast size, my friend used it and this is why I’m looking for information about it. Fenugreek is a leguminous plant whose seeds used as a spice, and for treatment. No Surgery - No Pain - No Scars - Fast Results! I had used it just for a libidinal boost, not even for sexual reasons, but for get up and go. Take pills with lukewarm water or milk)? Thank you…. So, 4 fenugreek capsules with one saw palmetto everyday, with one cups of water. I wpuld like to thank you again for all the information that you have shared’. How many saw palmetto capsules should I take in a day ? My actual point is that I don’t gain weight. Women who find their breasts too small are not so compelled to immediately consider breast enlargement. If that’s your aim, then, this post will never help you. I would love to know your breast increase into what cup sizes? Anyway, stick with 10 fenugreek and take four capsules of saw palmetto as well. I think I have small growth but I am really happy with how they’ve feel. Of all the herbs used for breast enlargement fenugreek has the highest concentrations of the effective plant compounds. You mentioned to take 5 fenugreek and 1 saw plametto everyday. hello . Good luck, Would you be able to send they to me to please? For me, increasing my breast size was extremely difficult because I had to learn everything from scratch. Or do these capsules have some additional ingredients in them which accelerates the process?? Yes, fenugreek powder is very efficient indeed. It is important that you check your vitamin B12 reserves, especially if you are pregnant or nursing, and if you have low appetite and energy levels, you have to start supplementing as soon as possible. This oil can also be used to treat skin problems such as eczema or acne. I, Sahar Perske, am not a doctor. It depends on the amount because there is a limit you should never exceed, take too much and you may get side effects, so you have to start slow, that’s why I keep saying to my readers to not exceed two times a day. This is the reason why you need to use fenugreek and saw palmetto in combination. Apex Booty Pop Vs Her Solution 3 Step Booty Sculpting System – A Review, Best Breast Enlargement Exercises To Get Bigger Breasts Naturally At Home, Tips On How To Grow Bigger Boobs In Just 45 Days, How To Choose Best Breast Enlargement Pills? If you need anything, just email me Bobbie. This is my first year so far going on 2nd! Sahar, thank you for all you do out here. Say what to do. It stimulates the breast-enlarging hormones estrogen and progesterone. I am having polysyctic ovarie problem I want to ask can i eat fenugreek powder insted of seeds and also tell me the way of eating powder with water insted of seeds. I prefer that you grind them in a spice grinder, if you can’t the capsules would be great as well. If so did you have the same problem with staining clothing? Yes Sean, it’s also very powerful for men as well. Enlarging male breasts naturally requires a lot of dedication, yes, it can be done, a man can grow female breasts; however, you need to have valid expectations. Hi, I just bought fenugreek powder and saw palmetto powder and I read I can mix them with olive oil and apply it on my breast… Can I be taking the powder orally as well? what does the saw palmetto really do for you? Nice, you’re doing great, try to increase saw palmetto to 8 a day and keep the fenugreek as is. HI Sahar! Sorry guys, my photo editing skills are terrible, anyway, these are some of the pictures Amber sent me that show the beginning of her journey to grow male breasts to her dream cup size. My skin is so soft! Been taking 540 milligrams per capsule once at night. Is this just a temporary thing? I gain too much fat in my belly and fat down to my hips, Hey, Is it ok if I crush the fenugreek seeds to form powder? Saw Palmetto includes phytonutrients that can stimulate the growth of breast tissue, consequently increasing the size… The main side effects of using saw palmetto for male breast enlargement are the following: Dizziness, stomach pain, diarrhea, rash, smelly armpits, lactation, and vomiting, of course, these are only going to happen if you consume more than the recommended amounts. Two teaspoons a day, then you can increase the amount after 15 days. Hey Anna. Effects of fenugreek for breast enlargement? As such, it also can be used successfully to increase liquid retention in your breasts, whether you are a male or female. The seeds are much much better and safer, and I really suggest you don’t exceed one capsule a day. So my question is is enough to see them grow to my desired size? No, stay with one a day. Either way you have a great blog and I have enjoyed reading it. My mother had a 38 c cup breasts and I was just wondering if that is the size my breasts could reach in the end taking both fenugreek and saw palmetto or dose that not factor into what I am trying to achieve. First let me start off by saying that I am a 65 year old male. How many a day of the 2 daily should I take? At the top of the list are lecithin, but also vitamin A and vitamin C, which play a vital role in the development of sexual glands and breast tissue. I’m a woman, but I have helped hundreds of men increase their breasts size. Then I remembered the saw palmetto, and the hormonal effect. You can shop online, Amazon is very safe, and you can buy these herbs bulk from the herbalist, if you can’t find saw palmetto, then don’t use it. Which needs a precise combination of hormones in your body, this is the reason why we need saw palmetto to decrease the level of testosterone conversion into Dihydrotestosterone, DHT. Trust me, I follow all your laid down rules here or could it be I need to massage religiously before it works? Will check back next week. And when I asked him about surgery, here is what he told me: “The thought of things going wrong later with all the problems I have seen on TV, with implants leaking and people dying because of complications, poisoning etc. It can be applied topically to the breast by making a paste or using an oil or extract that contains fenugreek. The idea you need to understand here is that phytoestrogens are not dangerous for your body because your system has been dealing with them for thousands of years, it’s not a new chemical compound. Or is that to much to ask from fenegriek? Fenugreek has a long history as a breast enhancer. I hope not, although I guess I could switch to decaf! How many milligrams should a man take of black cohosh along with Fenugreek and Saw palmetto? I will share with you what works and what doesn’t and most importantly, what to stay away from. ma’am Sahar, the form is ground. James/Jamie. Great to hear this, good luck and please, if you ever need anything, don’t hesitate to comment again. I have received some positive feedback on this product, that’s why I have reviewed it and mentioned it here. I’m taking 2 fenugreek capsule 1 macca capsule and rubbing saw palmetto oil on my chests every night and leaving it overnight. Is a chest workout also required for better results or just taking fenugreek nd saw palmetto is more than enough for breast enlargement. will the change happen any quicker if when I take 6 Fenugreek Capsules and I take 8 Saw Palmetto capsules. Be careful, internally, fenugreek stimulates the feeling of hunger and makes you eat more, be sure to control your appetite, so you do not get fat! Should I up the dosages some? I hope to have good results been a small cup all of my 43 years. One teaspoon ground fenugreek seeds, after giving birth of course, works wonders. But is it possible that’s what has caused my staining? Does this dosage look correct? My legs almost hairless! Saw Palmetto and birth control pills interfere with hormones in your body, so, in my opinion, you should not use it. Hello .. For men, they need a lot, at least four capsules a day. 0: Were Can I Get Saw Palmetto And Feungreek In Nigeria, Hello, how much teaspoon fenegriek powder a day should I take? So will that still work or do i need to add other things to help the process. The phytoestrogen present in fenugreek improves estrogen levels, which help in cell division and enhances the size of the breast. Currently I am taking fenugreek and saw palmetto. please advice me, ma’am. The DHT is what stops our estrogen, not the testosterone. I’ve sent you an detailed email on what you should follow. So do I just take one capsule a day, together with 3-6 capsules of fenugreek (610mg)? Fenugreek Seed oil contains many volatile compounds which is great for aromatherapy as well multiple health uses and benefits. thanks for your time. In this article, we will talk about how natural recipes such as fenugreek can be used to enlarge the breast size and highlight the features of femininity in it. is it: 6 Fenugreek caps and 2 Saw palmetto? On the flip side I am a man and I live in a man’s life at places like work and being with my friends, so I don’t want to look like a freak there. And are seeds more helpful then capsules ?? I have spent about 3 hours on Fenugreek World. It’s one of the main actors that are inhibiting male breast development, and most importantly, it’s going to have a direct effect on testosterone. I want to feel some of the sensations she feels. hello, i recently bought saw palmentto berries and i was wondering how do I take it? However, it is recommended not to exceed with the recommended dosage. Yes, it will help you, please contact me via my contact page. Also, I am going to make Fenugreek oil for breast massage. For myself I don’t care much about increasing breast size. This is a good way to give a boost to your growth. My name is Bill and I have man boobs, gynoclamastia and I like having them but I want them bigger. ?And thank you for the reply. I’m not going to lie to you and tell you that it’s easy and, as a man, you can grow larger breasts overnight, this is not true, and you won’t hear it from me. However, on the areola, above both nipples, there are little raised bumps and some white bumps appearing. Thank you!!!! Please help me out here!.I want to do it right and not overload my body with these herbes.. P.S: I am tking these herbes 2 and a half months already and me breasts size has increased a little bit, but not significatly.. No, it’s fine, keep on for another month and you’ll see great results, one more thing, stay away from wild yam a little, I’m not sure why you use it, but you should only stick to saw palmetto and fenugreek. Is that enough for a male to start breast growth? Thank-you very much!! Hello Sahar, I started taking Saw Palmetto capsules about 6 1/2 weeks ago at 900 mg 2x a day. As I am still married my wife would not approve me having breasts but I desire to have them, I am a bit over weight just a bit so I can blame any growth to that because they just look like they are man boobs because of me being over weight. What about your period, always on time? I got the pills today how fast should I expect results. By stimulating these sex hormones, it makes the breast tissues enlarge, and incidentally, fenugreek stimulates the female libido. Is this something that needs attention or a visit to the doctor? Does it really effective? Men who want to grow female breasts should start using fenugreek this way: Consuming a minimum of two tablespoons a day of ground fenugreek seeds. Is there anything else I should be trying. Hi, Thus is the third time I have tried to make a connection in this blog. Just starting this program and I got a little iffy about that one. The real challenge isn’t the possibility of growing male breasts; if you only use a few of the tips I will share with you in this post, you will grow breasts, without a single doubt. What I’m saying here is going to sound excessive, but it’s the truth, trust me, I have helped hundreds of men and crossdressers with natural breast enlargement, and the best thing that works is to flood your body with phytoestrogens, and fenugreek is one of the best herbs to use for this task. I have another question: if I stop taking either fenugreek or saw palmetto or both, will my breasts revert or is change permanent? His age now 27. Will they get bigger ? Use Of Fenugreek For Breast Enlargement Before And After Effect, My Recommended Cream & Pills With Fenugreek For Breast Enlargement, Most Effective Female Libido Enhancement Pills & Cream – Everything Explained, Total Curve Reviews – Get Beautiful Breasts In Two Easy Steps, Best Butt Enhancement Products, Supplements & Procedures 2020, Naturaful Reviews 2020 – Best Breast Enlargement Combo Of Cream & Patches, V Tight Gel Reviews – Best Vaginal Tightening Treatment Products. first is how long dose it take for a woman to fully get there full size breasts and second I have been using 8 saw palmetto a day and 6 fenugreek twice a day as you have total me to do, but I feel my breast development is very slow to archive my proper breast size just like a woman dose or is there something else I can take along with the saw palmetto 8 a day and 6 fenugreek to increase the growth of my breasts. Yes, you can, five fenugreek and one saw palmetto. That’s why when you start taking fenugreek seeds every day, during the first two weeks, your body is going to smell like maple syrup. Will let you know when I have wear a bra, wife won’t approve of that, oh well. Hi Sahar, I am 22 years old, 34A woman. if I stop taking the fenugreek and saw palmetto is my breast going to return back to the size I started with ? Can you please confirm the dosage per day and when they should be taken. Hii sahar https://www.amazon.in/Zenith-Nutrition-Saw-Palmetto-160/dp/B0081QXL88… can i use this capsules? But, the real challenge is what fenugreek supplement brand to use for male breast enlargement? pls man, is it safe health-wise for a woman that is above 50years of age to take fenugreek and saw palmetto, if yes, which do you recommend, The ground seed or the capsule. Fenugreek's phytoestrogen content supports the folk American practice of eating the seeds for breast enlargement. Start taking a capsule thrice a day and increase the number if you don't see any positive results. Hello, don’t worry, this will help you a lot. I’m reading this site because I bought both supplements and am hoping to give my breasts some plump the natural way. Coffee can reduce growth, but it’s too little to notice, one cup a day is fine. Take Fenugreek Capsules. The six capsules X2 are the best, but in some cases, people can be less tolerant of this amount, then it’s advisable to lower it. So how does this help Breast growth in women? This is the reason why a good and balanced diet is one of the best things you can do to increase your breasts size rapidly. In some very rare cases, lactation can occur; in other words, your breasts are going to have liquid discharges. This is the mistake I see men doing all the time; they start consuming fenugreek in large amounts on an empty stomach, soon, they would find themselves feeling nauseous, irritable, and having stomach and intestine issues such as gas and diarrhea. A B cup is sufficient to experience my wife as her girlfriend and and not be freaky to my friends. It’s also very powerful. The Egyptians, the Greeks, and the Romans used fenugreek in the concubine diet to increase the size and roundness of their breast. Follow the dosages and instructions provided in the package leaflet. Simply, fenugreek is a herbal plant that mainly grows in the Mediterranean area, and it is well-known for its valuable uses. She  has helped women find their lost Figure, Curves, Confidence and Health with her vital advices on Health, Nutrition, Right Supplements  and Workouts. You can read the following study for more information: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/0022473184902644 , where it is clearly stated: “The present studies show that S.R.E. You say your family has very small cup size in this comment and then in another comment you say you started with a 30D.
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