It's clean, fast and powerful. A common complaint in reviews too. Campfire Audio Dorado 2020, Vega 2020 review (and podcast), Quad’s Artera Solus Play (or why DTS Play-Fi remains fundamentally flawed), A short film about the Wharfedale Diamond 12.1. One reviewer found them to sound slightly "glassy" at times, but with my NAD M32 and the right cabling, I don't have that problem. Global feedback: how many coffees do you drink per day? When the Bonsai was paired with either of two different Air Tight tube amplifiers (the ATM-300 and ATM-1S), the warmth and intimacy of vocals were delivered with detailed delicacy. I’ve just connected my Denon AVR-2113 to my new Samsung 85q80t with a 2.1 HDMI to the Arc port. With the Sopra No1s, I felt compelled to hear them play music until the last possible moment. Air Tight Bonsai $2500The tiny but mighty one-way Bonsai, also known as the AL-05, epitomizes what a single driver can do—in this case, a 4" hand-made paper cone devised by a former JBL engineer. $2,499.99. The small two-way monitor category has always been a favorite of those who value the qualitative over the quantitative. There are fireworks and ass-kicking dynamics, yes, but more importantly, there’s a degree of silken, shimmering refinement that’s rare in this segment. Its midrange signature is a near-seamless combination of speed, wideband dynamic contrast, and dense tonal color. This one involves a walk aro, Schooling my neighbours on the sheer majesty of ea, Bangers n' mash from the always entertaining @s_p_, The @campfireaudio Dorado 2020. Compact or not, the 805 D3 is a loudspeaker to be reckoned with at any price, from any company. #prenzlaue, In order to overcome an irrational fear of looking, One of these is not like the others. To me, the Dynaudio Special 40 seems very clearly to be less than the sum of its parts. Dynaudio Contour 20 Vs Special 40 Dynaudio Special 40 Vs Evoke 20. So Kef LS50, while being a pricier option, tends to get more favorable ⭐ reviews than the $850 Dynaudio Excite, as seen on the chart below. #darkoaudio #kraftwerk #nowplayin, @campfireaudio Vega 2020. Despite their modest size and price the 225s offered up some serious sound: tight bass, crisp highs, toe-tapping rhythm and pace. Given the right-sized room (medium-to-smallish) and strong amplifier support, the Totem Sky just clears its throat and lets loose, eliciting tuneful bass with resonant energy, dynamic vigor, and surprising slam. Joseph Audio Pulsar$7700When asked why he created the Pulsar speaker, Jeff Joseph replied, “I’ve always wanted to make a really excellent mini-monitor. Nicely finished in the piano black, so that goes some way to make up for it. And the civilizing influence of the 805’s superb diamond tweeter cannot be overstated. Primary is an open and detailed midband, with a slightly forward tilt and an abundance of body. Oh, and decked-out in their elegant, glossy rosewood finish, these compact wonders are as lovely to look at as they are to listen to. When the truck picking them up for the trip back to their U.S. distributor showed up earlier than anticipated, I had to tell the driver to return later and then scramble to finish disassembling the Sopras and get their constituent parts back into the cardboard boxes. History will show this is one of the great compacts of the last ten years. This isn’t to say that the Xeo 20’s can’t switch it up when asked. Here we are in 2018 (as I write this) and last year in 2017 Dynaudio released the new Special 40 Speakers to celebrate 40 years in the business. They’re an impressive reminder that the “entry-level” isn’t such a bad place to be. Its responsiveness to low-level inputs is where the cabinet rigidity pays off. First Listen: Goldmund PH3.8 NEXTGEN Phonostage, Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2019: Loudspeakers, 2019 Editors’ Choice Awards: Loudspeakers $1,500 - $3,000, 2019 Editors’ Choice Awards: Turntables $400-$4,000, 2019 Editors' Choice Awards: Loudspeakers $100,000 and up, 2018 Editors' Choice Awards: Disc Players $2,000 - $10,000. These B&W speakers cost $1999.99. The low-end response from its bass-reflex cabinet is quick, with little indication of port artifacts—the timbral clarity of acoustic bass, for example, is richly defined in both extension and grip. The engineers worked on improving airflow and damping behind the 28mm tweeter dome - the idea is to reduce back-pressure as the diaphragm moves, increasing detail and lowering distortion. Bass response is excellent for this class-—defined, controlled, and reliably extended into the fifty-cycle range. Put the Prisms in a midsized-or-smaller room, mate them with decent electronics and a good subwoofer, and they will deliver the musical goods in that natural and articulate way that Joseph Audio loudspeakers are known for, but at a more affordable price than ever before. One (1999) ... KEF LS50 (2012) The KEF LS50s were, and remain, blindingly good speakers. But the Aria 906 gets most of the music just right, and at 1500 bucks does so for a song. While there’s still a bit of veiling and the UB5 doesn’t fully shed its enclosure, let’s get real—this Elac is competitive with speakers well beyond its price segment. Ideal for small-to-mid-sized rooms, the Bonsai’s are capable of reproducing a wide range of music with astounding coherence. Atc scm40 vs dynaudio. The B5 compact represents the first effort in what should be a long and fruitful collaboration between Elac and its celebrated VP of Engineering, Andrew Jones. Global feedback: how big is your local music library? The driver itself is the same unit, the A3A, that Audience uses in its $2345 1+1 V2+—and in its $72,000 flagship 16+16 speaker. The VoiceBox S prefers a smaller room and some wall reinforcement, but this is one little Aussie that could very well rattle expectations for foot-tall two-ways in its price range. Compared to the now $3500 Dynaudio Special 40, the 706 S2 doesn’t sound as mature or refined. MartinLogan Motion 35XT$1199This two-way, compact hybrid design puts its Folded Motion tweeter, melded with a perky aluminum-cone mid/bass, squarely in the spotlight. But in many domestic and professional listening environments their less blingy exterior may be a positive attribute. For both sonic and aesthetic reasons, Alysons are speakers that even restless audiophiles will likely hang on to for a long time. Find a Special Forty dealer online. Schiit announces $99 Modi 3+ DAC w/ Unison USB, Moonriver Audio introduces 404 Reference integrated amplifier, Over-the-phone buying advice or general hi-fi discussion. Elac Uni-Fi UB5$499How do you follow an act like the Elac Debut B5? ML’s air-motion-style tweet produces an expansively airy treble. Dynaudio Xeo 2 $1299 ... KEF LS50/KEF LS50 Wireless $1499/$2199 Built to celebrate KEF’s 50th anniversary, the LS50 monitor spins pure coincident-driver magic thanks to its blushing pink-gold Uni-Q coaxial midrange/tweeter mounted in bulls-eye fashion atop a uniquely arched baffle. Not merely a quick, peel-out-and-burn-rubber compact, it has fairly broad shoulders that impart authentic gravitas to recorded music. Sonically, if you loved the Debut B5, you’re going to really love the UB5; it’s the B5 gone to finishing school. Stunning both visually and sonically, the two-way 805 is a bold performer. The midrange makes one understand why the midrange of the BC1 became a legend. The visual appeal of the Alyson in no way indicates indifference to sonic performance; the speakers reproduce vocal and instrumental timbres with life-like accuracy and demonstrate plenty of punch and power when asked to play loudly. As with most one-ways, the Bonsai’s aren’t the last word in bass extension (you could always bolster the low end with a sub), but, boy, do they play beautifully throughout the midrange and well into the treble with a frequency response of up to 20kHz (per the specs). Bowers & Wilkins 705 S2$2500Balanced, uncolored, remarkably precise, and self-effacing, the 705 S2 two-way monitor/bookshelf loudspeaker is a shining example of a large company providing more (not less) value. LS50 Wireless. Its midrange sonics are smooth, a bit forward, and yet relatively unboxy. The Prisms should shake a good portion of those fence-sitters from their roosts. That 17cm mid/bass unit still uses the company’s traditional MSP (Magnesium Silicate Polymer) cone – it’s a one-piece cone using the lar… The Sky is also prima facie evidence of just how far small speakers have evolved in the way of a fuller-bodied and warmer musical balance. (Same question for C20) Posted on: 09 January 2019 by Kevin-W [@mention:1566878604006668] - When i was demoing the S40s I had them on Stand 6, which was a great match, and had a lot of aesthetic appeal. The KEF LS50 wireless have excellent clarity and soundstage. In this respect, the Xeo 20 sounds quite different to KEF’s identically priced LS50 Wireless, which despite its prodigious power and poise is a tad laid back and lush in comparison, though ultimately can go louder and drive a big room more easily. In character, it is dark, warm, and musical, making for soothing long-term listening. One of its key design elements is operation of the woofer as a wide-range driver without a low-pass filter. Designed by Derek Hughes, son of Spencer Hughes, designer of the original, this resurrected classic is a modern masterpiece. I am looking for an upgrade for my desktop near field monitors where i live highend speakers can only be found in the used market and options are very limited , ultimately i want to find a pair of LS50 ,but cant find them yet , but i have found a pair of used genelec M030 for around 800$ , how would the genelec's compare to the KEF's , should i buy them or wait till i find the KEF… It's also … It might just be the best five hundred bucks you’ll ever spend. With break-in, the Sky grows significantly more textured and realistic: The ambience surrounding singers, for example, becomes airier and better defined. Olaf von Voss #dark, Tomorrow's audiophiles are already out there on Sp, Love + Light. Sonic performance is classic Totem—a high-revving, high-output presentation that doesn’t shy away from combustible dynamic swings or demanding acoustic bass or rock rhythms. Imaging is as clean and pinpoint-precise as you’d expect from KEF. Revel Performa3 M126 Be$4000To describe the M126 Be as merely the hot-rodded version of the nifty little two-way M106 does not give it its sonic due. In sum, a combination of packaging, performance, and convenience that deserves a receptive audience.