". However, the pike’s bones layout differently than any other fish, so a special method of filleting is required. Flip the fish to its side and, using the ybones as a guide, slice the knife along the side of the Pike, sliding along the y bones, to create another boneless fillet. First, with small pike about 14 inches or thereabouts, you can fillet like a regular fish, removing the ribs of course, and then slice the fillets into little fingers vertically — i.e., perpendicular to where the backbone was — and fry anyway.This process opens up the little "Y" bones to the hot oil and softens them enough to where you will barely notice them. These are the Y-bones. Luckily there is a simple technique of locating the Y bones, avoiding the other bones in the fish, and getting excellent fillets off of the fish in order to make a great and delicious meal! Remove skin and ribs, and you have a bone-free fillet. Make the incision behind the gill plate, down to the spine. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. STEP 7b: If you will be transporting your fillets, turn your blade down and slice sideways leaving a patch of skin on the fillet for identification purposes. One question a lot of anglers want answered is how to get the Y-bones out of a pike fillet. Angle the blade of the knife slightly toward the tail, riding right along the backbone, and slice all the way to the tail and remove the t… As shown at *****canoecampfish**** - Well illustrated video showing how to fillet and clean Northern Pike and remove the y-bones. 2 tbsp. You'll cut all the way and end the steak at the start of the fin.That's one solid fillet with no bones, and you can now see the top of the bones from where you removed your fillet in the fish. Bones in a pike are unlike many other fish. Perhaps you may have heard someone say "I really do like northern pike, but it's so full of bones!" Then turn the knife towards his tail fin for another boneless fillet. All tip submissions are carefully reviewed before being published. By removing the Y-bones you make a good meal even better. I can relate... and I am not alone, as I know many a fisherman who loves to fish for pike but throws them back, because he never learned how to … Northern Pike Filleting - Factsheet PUB-FH-504 2001 Author: Wisconsin Dept. After removing this fillet, carefully remove the center bones and skin the fillet. STEP 8: Completed Northern Pike fillets will look like this if done properly. How to fillet a pike …. You'll want a nice, at least 6-inch fillet knife to work with. How to Clean Northern Pike How To Fillet & Remove Y-Bones From Northern Pike By Gordy Johnson of Esoxhunter.com. % of people told us that this article helped them. Tail piece on a pike, that’s always bone free. The pike is an excellent eating fish, but it is so bony that it scares off many fishermen. There are Y-bones under the fin beside the fillets you've removed. 2. Here are a few simple steps to filleting a northern pike: Directions. This is the fish's backbone. 3:35. Sure, they have the typical spine and rib cage you would pull out of any fish in the fillet process, but they are also full of much smaller bones that are hard to detect. The Northern Pikeminnow is a tricky fish to fillet, due to the amount of tiny bones and sturdy structure of the rib bones. wikiHow's Content Management Team carefully monitors the work from our editorial staff to ensure that each article is backed by trusted research and meets our high quality standards. I like to just start at one end, generate kind of a cut line all the way down the whole fish. People would ask how I would get northern pike boneless,so I created this video showing how I clean a fish and make it boneless. handful of fresh shrimp and/or small scallops. Some people like to keep the knife still, and actually pull on the skin, ripping it off by keeping the knife between the flesh and skin. By using this service, some information may be shared with YouTube. Mike Hehner demonstrates the best way to fillet a northern pike. Bigger fish are of course better but this method works wonders for both big and small fish.Northern Pike have bones going through the whole body but they do not reach around the top of the fish. How to Fillet a Northern Pike. 2 cloves of garlic, crushed. Cutting the tail fillets of a pike is just like any other fish. Dip the pike fillets in the mixture, then coat them in flour and seasoning, like salt, pepper, Parmesan, garlic, or onion powder. How to boneless fillet northern pike. But once you know how, it’s really worth it! The best way to fillet these fish is to cut the meat away from the rib bones, leaving the entire carcass behind. Proper Northern pike Fillet! To remove the top fillet, cup upwards along the angle of the back fin. Pike aren't just for pickling! Today I show you the best way to clean a pike, resulting in 5 beautiful boneless fillets. Chuck in Toronto. Then I’ll just start working on one end down, just ridin’ that ribcage, riding the underside of that ribcage. http://www.burnettcounty.com/DocumentCenter/Home/View/59, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3-GLr9bTXM, http://fishingtackleretailer.com/gallery-clean-pike/, http://www.gameandfishmag.com/fishing/pike-muskie/how-to-fillet-a-pike/, consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. 3 strips of diced smoked bacon. Enjoy! Some think pike is the best eating of all! If you are working on a number of fish, have a good sharpener with you. By using our site, you agree to our. Cut across at the neck and back fin of the northern pike to finish your second boneless fillet. Run the knife along the spine, down to the tail. Use the Y-shaped bones poking out of the top of the fish to find the side fillets. Begin cleaning by laying the pike on its belly. If you’re making a stew, fish patties, or meatballs, use a spoon and your knife to pull any extra meat off the bones. I prefer to let most of my long green and mean pike swim back into Eagle Lake. Turn knife horizontally and cut backward along the top of backbone. To learn how to easily skin the tail fillet, keep reading! Hey Chuck You are missing out on some good eats here. 1 1/2 pounds of pike fillets cut into cubes. Get rid of all that belly fat. One of the largest freshwater game fish around, Northern Pike are rough, cannibalistic, territorial fish with sought-after flaky flesh. Filleting Boneless Northern Pike. I am liking Northern more than walleye these days. Anglers relish pike fishing because they are easy to lure in bites, but not the easiest to reel in. How to Fillet a Northern Pike. Then dip the Northern Pike fillet in the batter and deep fry until golden brown. Contributions by … one version . You should be able to feel the blade “clicking” along the top of the “Y” bones. Skip this section and move your knife slightly towards its tail end to just in front of his anal fin. This recipe makes enough brine for three 1 pint mason jars which are loosely packed with fish and onions. ", "Awesome. Lay the pike on it's belly and cut about half inch down right behind the head. Northern pike are one of the most abundant fish and easiest to catch in the land of 10,000 lakes. It was my first Winter as a Minnesotan and my first season of ice fishing. The "ridge of bones" will look like white dots running down the fillet. of Natural Resources - Jerry Perkins and Robert J. Becker, Fisheries Management and Habitat Protection, 608-2677498 Subject: How to fillet a Wisconsin Northern Pike - Public Document cite as Source Keywords Playing next. If you go too fast your first couple of times, it is easy to make a mess of the fillet. The technique for getting the Y-bones out of northern pike is easy, and you can avoid most of the bone to get five clean fillets off of one fish. If you really can’t stand to see another ad again, then please consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. Make vertical cut behind head, down to, but NOT through the backbone. My answer: don’t put them in there in the first place. If you have a northern pike fish, you’ll need to remove the Y-bones to get 5 clean fillets off 1 fish. If you don’t already know how to properly fillet and debone a Northern Pike, you can find out here. Fishing tips and tutorials, this video will show you how to fillet a northern pike and to clean it. STEP 2: Fillet and skin the fish STEP 3: Freeze the fillets for a week at a temperature of -4 degrees Fahrenheit or below. 1. The thrill of battling a pike on the water is … This means that the top and the sides of the fish can easily be removed without any bones.How to Fillet a Northern Pike:Start with the top of the Pike - have the Pike on it's belly so it's back is facing you.