used as a substitute for professional medical advice, You can use salt and water only if you plan to add more seasoning after brining. The need to keep pork chops from overcooking brings us to two key points: target temperature and temperature monitoring. You will need 4-6 slices. Gently lay the pork chops on the cooking surface, then cover. Let the pork chops rest while the apricots finish cooking. How To Cook Thick Pork Chops In 30 Minutes. Return the pan to the oven. Place the chops on the grill in the indirect-heat zone. Dip the slices in the ground mustard and place them inside the cut pork chops. Thick, juicy pork chops are a summer favorite. Broiling Times. They should get dark grill marks that are made of caramelized/burnt honey and apricot sugars. Once the temperature of muscle fibers reaches 150°F (66°C) they shrink, becoming even more firm, and start rapidly expelling moisture. Thick pork chops on the grill with vegetables. Press on the meat with your finger. Setting up a gas grill for cooking pork chops. By the time the internal temp reaches 140°F (60°C) for your pull temp, the entire outside of the chop will be overcooked, dry, tough, and chewy. Then, lay out the pork chops in a single layer in a large dish and pour the brine over the top to completely submerge the chops. 1-inch to 1 ½-inch thick: Grill 4-6 minutes on each side (medium rare) Pork chops. It used to be believed that you had to cook pork to 175 degrees F internal temperature for it to be safe to consume, but those days are long gone. Terms of Use Copyright Policy (We pushed the optional. Continue to grill if necessary. And for the grill-roasting you’ll be doing if you cook very thick chops, a SmokeTM dual-channel thermometer (on Sale now)—or another leave-in probe thermometer—with an alarm can help you know exactly what your chops are doing under the lid of the grill. Cook for 4 to 6 minutes … Insert a probe into the thickest part of the chop, so that its tip is in the thermal center. Leaf Group Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Pork chops come from the pork loin, the pork equivalent of the beef rib eye. . ; Make sure to use kosher salt as table salt is denser than kosher salt. … The key to successfully grilling thick-cut pork is the keep the temperature of the grill low and to grill them slowly. Marinate it first if you like, or simply season it with salt, pepper, garlic or a rub made for pork chops. But the leanness coupled with the lack of connective tissue means that there is not “moisture reserve” in the meat if you overcook it. Use fresh pork chops within two to four days, or wrap it and freeze it for up to six months. With a Thermapen, verify that their internal temperature has reached 140°F (60°C) and no higher before removing them from heat to rest. The LIVESTRONG Foundation and LIVESTRONG.COM do not endorse and This makes it even more critical that you hit your target temperatures, or you may be eating dry pork that will have you reaching for the jar of applesauce in your cupboard. Bake the pork chops until cooked through (140° to 145°F), about 9 to 12 minutes. I personally have taken every chance I could to cook on the delicious grill rather than heating my kitchen to unlivable temperatures. A temperature that's too high will burn the outside of a thick cut chop and leave the middle undercooked. Slice the apple so that the slices are ⅛-¼” thick. Baste both sides of the chops with olive oil, then sprinkle with paprika, salt and pepper. Place the apricots on the hot side of the grill, face down. Based on Apple-grilled Double-cut Pork Chops, provided by the James Beard Foundation (ThermoWorks is a proud sponsor): Pork chops are every bit as deserving of your grilling attention as the best of steaks. Close the lid and cook for 2-3 minutes (to get grill marks, see note). When your Smoke alarm sounds, move the chops to the hot side of the grill. These big, juicy pork chops will be flying off the grill in 30 minutes. Some years ago, the USDA changed their recommended doneness temperature for safe pork from 160°F (71°C) to 145°F (63°C)—a full 15°F (8°C) lower, and the world rejoiced. At a high temperature, approximately 450 degrees, it will take 2-inch-thick chops 20 to 25 minutes to cook evenly throughout to a 155 degree internal temperature. Depending on how thick the cut, the pork chop grill time will be anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes. They will impress … Pork chops take well to all kinds of seasonings and flavor combinations and are far cheaper than even cheaper steak cuts. Grill the pork chops for 3 minutes, then turn the meat 90 degrees and grill an additional 3 minutes on the same side. You are looking for a minimum internal temperature of 145°F for medium and up to 160°F for well done. diagnosis or treatment. Bone-in or Boneless Brush the chops with the apple butter. The meat will sear and sizzle as soon as it touches the pan. , A 2-inch pork chop may seem daunting because of its thickness, but grilling it is simple, and the added thickness keeps the chop from drying out. any of the products or services that are advertised on the web site. If you don’t see much resemblance, it’s because American pork is bred to be exceedingly lean, eliminating all the fatty marbling that you see in a rib eye. The total grilling time for thin pork chops is about 5 minutes. Place the pork chops on the grill, 2 inches apart. They include rib and loin chops, which are cut perpendicular to the spine. This process creates cross-hatch marks on the meat. Grill-roasting is accomplished with a two-zone fire, with one side of the grill very hot and the other without any heat.