Save to list + Tamar Valley Greek Style Yoghurt 500g Tamar Valley Greek Style Yoghurt 500g. 50 %12 gCarbs. Not on your list above either. After all, as a Greek guy, I am allowed to make Greek sauce lol. Learn more. Milk Protein Concentrate, Gelatin Kosher. Cholesterol 295g. Cabot Greek “style” yogurt is the best smoothie ingredient I’ve ever tried. Cultured after pasteurization. One of the pediatric RDs started comparing ingredient labels which led to a mini-lesson on the difference between true Greek yogurt and Greek-style yogurt. I am Greek. The name changed to “Trader Joe’s plain greek yogurt” the shape of the container also changed. Costco vs. Aldi: The battle on price. I go through about 2 tubs a week, and go out of my way to find it. We have a couple local companies ‘The Greek Gods’ and ‘Zoi’ that make “Greek Style” yogurt. But the Greek yogurt, yuck!! I saved the rest of the foamy stuff in the refrig. I go by taste. 130 Cal. Over the years I’ve been trying to get off the artificial sweeteners though and my yogurt was the first thing to change. You know, the “waxed” form of dental floss is waxed by the top selling brands with “Teflon”. Is it then Geek Yogurt or Turkish yogurt? But hey, here is a beautiful American way to sue someone in court and try to “milk” a dollar out of this. Fage54. Oh my goodness, your post helps me so much. Daily Goals. Just keep in mind some companies add whey to increase the protein content – more isn’t always better! I tried the plain and had to add a bottle of maple syrup to choke it down. Personally, I now prefer less additives and more natural ingredients (i.e. Some of that is probably due to the fat content being higher, but we were at a hotel for a weeklong conference in Athens that had a large bowl of what they labeled as Low-Fat (I assumed 2%), and even that was smoother on the tongue and LESS tangy than low-fat yogurts I have bought here in the market. Most companies show this stuff off. What are your thoughts on MPCs? STOP BEING IGNORANT ABOUT WHAT YOU EAT! Thank you! I buy FAGE to eat it as a snack. I read a story about true greek yogurt is from sheep and was only strained through cheese cloth if being used for cooking. It’s thick and creamy. Contains five live active cultures: lactobacillus bulgaricus, streptococcus thermophilus, lactobacillus acidophilus, bifidus, lactobacillus casei. I am Greek, and the ONLY real reek yogurt I have seen in the American market is FAGE. She said because they can do that. It has no artificial sweeteners in it like most yogurts which I hate the taste of. She will still doubt me in the future I’m sure but she loves it. I havent had yogurt for a long time because i cant find natural ones? Fat 67g--/ 67g left. Thanks to you fake greek yogurts for adding to our bad health. What’s a better trade off less sugar and calories or no modified ingredients? Meanwhile, these people trying to sue Cabot for “inauthentic” ingredients are going to ruin the best tasting yogurt on the market. This is great to know. The fewer the ingredients the better when it comes to Greek yogurt. I have no problem with that. Aldi-friendly Farms Aldi-friendly Farms - Greek 100 Calories Mixed Berry Nonfat Yogurt Strained. 100 / 2,000 cal left. After that I asked why do they call it greek yogurt then. I have been a regular yogurt eater since my youth (my mother made her own, having been taught by a Lebanese neighbor), and this experience has made me want to try my hand at making it myself, and straining it, to see if I can find that same yogurt experience that makes Greek breakfast one of my fondest memories! ... Aldi'S Yogurt Non-Fat (1 serving) Calories: 110, Fat: 0g, Carbs: 18g, Protein: 7g. Pour into bowl, then add remaining blueberries. I had no idea that all Greek yogurts weren’t the “real” stuff. Your email address will not be published. You’d think the brands using MPCs and thickeners would be less expensive but I haven’t really noticed a difference in price between the real Greek yogurt and imitation stuff, have you? Also, dump all the products that aren’t cultured milk. 50 %12 gProtein. Serving Size : 0.667 cup 170 gr. For anyone that’s spent any time in Greece it is well known that outside of the major cities which get their dairy products from the same massive conglomerates as everyone else, the islands general have yogurt made from Goats Milk or more often Sheep Milk. Scald a big pot of milk (skim is fine). 0 %--Carbs. What brand would you recommend for real Greek yogurt? These recipes are healthier options, crafted with ingredients that are naturally lower in sodium, fat or sugar than traditional recipes. Whether you use your right hand or your left hand to make it thick, makes no matter to me.